Technical information

100% Electric Engine

The car has a electrical engine which get powered by Lithium batteries. This battery package is coupled to a hardware & software package which allows us to monitor the status of the engine precisely on a tablet.

Maximum speed: 75 km/hr

Average energy consumption is 1500kW/h which allows us to drive approx. 100km at 50km/h on 1 full charge.

The speed charger charges the battery from empty to 100% in 2hrs. This charger needs a 15Kw power supply.
Normal charge time is 8Hrs.

Independent AirSuspension

The electric camera car has an independent airsuspension system with an electric control unit.
Which means the car automatically levels itself at all times.

The driver is also able to control this trough a touchpad control.

2500 M12 Screwholes

The car has a staggering 2500 M12 Screwholes. In combination with the low platform on the front and back, we are able to mount your camera everywhere.

Because of the different speedrails it’s fairly easy to mount the camera in Bungee, Movi, Step1 or flight head.

Measurements of the car:

Height 1.80m | Width: 1.75m | Length 3.75m (without the low platform)


Accupack / Converter

The car contains an accupack of 3000W with a converter. This allows you to plug in a 220V power plug on the front and back deck.
You can use 1500W for 2hrs and 1000W for 3hrs.

BNC / Monitor cables

There are 3 video line’s intern.
The front and the back both have connections for BNC cables. Once connected, the monitor in front of the passenger seat shows the footage from up to 3 different camera’s