Reasons to use an electrical camera car

Interior / Studio

No exhaust gasses.
No engine noises.

This makes the Electric Camera Car
a perfect companion to film indoors.

Sport Events

When filming professional sportsmen, the absence of exhaust gasses is even more important since these might influence the results. A second big advantage of the Electric Camera Car is the the option to mount more camera’s at once. This way, you can film with a crane and shoot a good still in the same time.

City Parks

Today you are not welcome in every park f you have a vehicle with a combustion engine. The Electric Camera Car is allowed because it’s 100% electrical (CO2 neutral)

Filming at night

Filming in the city in the evening or night can cause noise pollution when you are using a car with a combustion engine. This will not happen with the Electric Camera Car.

Car to Car / Motorbike

Our Electric Camera Car is also able to follow a car or motorbike (up to 75km/hr). 

The sound is direct usable for your footage.

Demo filming a biker

Car to Bike / Scooter

The car can also follow a slow or fast driving bike at precise speed.
The dialoge between the bikers can be recorded in real time because of the absence of engine noises.

Demo following a scooter